‘Indian media is war crazy’ #GaddarList trends on Twitter

The day after the Indian Wing Commander Varthaman Abhinandan returned to India after he landed across the Line Of Control when his fighter jet was shot down by Pakistan, #GaddarList started trending on Twitter.

Many tweets with the #GaddarList are referring to those Indian media anchors who want India to go on war with Pakistan after the Pulwama incident in which over 40 Indian CRPF personnel were martyred.

Since media plays a strong role in shaping public opinion, many tweets with the #GaddarList believes that some media anchors are spreading hate and they should be sent to fight on the border.

Foreign Policy, an American news publication said that the Indian media is war crazy adding that if India and Pakistan ever resolve their conflict, it won’t be thanks to the Indian media.

“We want revenge, not condemnation, It is time for blood, the enemy’s blood,” said Arnab Goswami after the Pulwama attack.

Here are some tweets with #GaddarList