Indian, Korean actors inspire school kids with folktale

New Delhi [India]: A musical folktale from across the sea was presented by a special troupe of Indian and Korean teenager artists in coordination with Korean Cultural Centre India (KCCI) at Delhi-NCR schools.

12 Korean artists of ‘ Theatre Seoul’ group from South Korea and two artists from India performed the famous South Korean Folk Tale ‘ Heungbu, Nolbu’.

This one hour show at each school made students learn the values of life, importance of truth and ethics. This was staged at Father Agnel School Noida (800 Students) and New Delhi (1600 students), Apeejay School Noida (1600 Students) and American Embassy School, New Delhi.

The event was performed by teenager artists. The play was based on a Korean folktale which echoes in every culture. The Indo-Korean troupe of children was specially chosen and trained for this production.

The musical event was about the story of two brothers who had contradictory natures. It was also premiered in Korea recently and won critical praise.

The Artistic Director Natia Lee and Director, Kevin Kim painted Korea on stage with resplendent traditional costumes, musical instruments and the very Korean way of perfection. Two Indian actors took important roles in the story to highlight the brotherhood of India and Korea and collaboration in the production.

It was a visual treat with a peaceful message of forgiving and moving ahead together in life which was thoroughly enjoyed by students.

Kim Kum-pyoung – Director KCCI said that fighting is easy but compromising, bringing a win – win situation needs efforts and hard work. Peacemaking is a must and children need to learn and develop this skill from their childhood as this will help in building the nations.

Principle of Fr Agnel School – Father J.A. Carvalo praised the artist’s hard work, performance and choreography but he praised the message above all. India and Korea both the countries have a culture which believes in harmony.

S. C. Tiwari – principal – Apeejay School, Noida said that the play was outstanding. The most significant about the play was the story behind it, which shows that both Korea and India have similar values rooted in them.

“I liked the program very much. This story told us many moral values that we should be in brotherhood, and never tease and discriminate anyone. It was very good story”, said Janith of Father Agnel School Noida. ( ANI)