‘Indian High Commission officials again intimidated in Pakistan’

Islamabad: Some Indian High Commission officials were again harassed and intimidated in Pakistan on Saturday, said sources.

After this, the commission lodged a protest and sent a Note Verbale to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan.

The Note Verbale is a diplomatic note, which is unsigned and drafted in the third person. This was the 12th note sent to the Pakistan foreign ministry this year on the subject.

India, this time, highlighted two incidents of intimidation and harassment of its officials in the note, said the sources.

“The Pakistan Foreign Ministry was apprised that two people aggressively followed and hurled abuses at some of the Indian High Commission officials who had gone for shopping to the Blue Area in Islamabad on Saturday,” said the sources.

The note also highlighted a similar incident which took place on March 15 wherein an officer of the commission and his family were followed by two men on a motorbike when they were going to a restaurant.

The commission has asked Pakistan government to investigate these incidents.

The latest incident comes after Pakistan called back its envoy to India, Sohail Mahmood, for “consultation” over reports of harassment.

For over a week, both India and Pakistan have been complaining about alleged harassment of their respective diplomats in the two countries. (ANI)