Indian cyclist on peace mission to spread Gandhi’s message

Singapore: A 26-year-old Indian social worker has embarked on a three-year ‘Pedaling for Peace’ cycling expedition to spread Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings among school children.

Dnyaneshwar Yewatkar, who has a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in history, said he has completed 8,642-km of 70,000-km of his global cycling expedition.

His expedition will be completed on October 2, 2019, in Pakistan, on Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary.

“I have travelled over the last eight months through Indo-China and ASEAN, meeting beautiful people who have been very warm in hosting me and giving me opportunities to share my thoughts and knowledge about the teachings of the Gandhi,” he told PTI.

“There are challenging times in this solo-cycling tour, but there are moments I cherish as teachers gives me accommodation in schools or in their homes as they understand my mission,” said Yewatkar, who has also been hosted by Sikh gurdwaras in Thailand and Malaysia.

“I am sharing with them the message of Gandhi ji, which inspires many people like us, to work for peace…And takes its new relevance today,” said Yewatkar, who is from Sewagram Ashram at Wardha in Maharasthra from where Gandhi had launched the ‘Quit India’ campaign against the colonial government.

Yewatkar cycles for 120 km and speaks at about five schools on average day.

He uses Google translator to speak to the people in their native languages.

Yewatkar said he was preparing to leave Singapore next week and will go to Indonesia and then would continue to travel across Taiwan, China, Korea and Japan.

In November, Yewatkar aims to sail from Japan to the US, going for journey across Africa and the Middle East.

Yewatkar said his tour was supported by donations and from people who hosted him while he met them on his way.