Indian culture key to solving environmental problems: Swaraj

Bhopal: External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said here today that Indian philosophy, lifestyle and cultural practices are based on the science of protecting nature and hold key to solving environmental issues like global warming.

“Indian philosophy, lifestyle, traditions and cultural practices are based on the science of protecting the nature. This needs to be explained to the global community…Till a lifestyle based on Indian philosophy isn’t adopted, solutions to the environmental problems caused by global warming will be elusive,” she said.

Swaraj was speaking as the chief guest at the concluding session of two-day national conference on “Global Warming and Climate Change- A Way Out” here.

Dubbing terrorism and climate change as the two major global challenges, the Union Minister stressed on the need for reviving the cultural traditions that are friendly to environment and its protection.

“Terrorism is an attack on man by man, while global warming is caused by an attack on nature by humans. Climate degradation started in the early 18th century with the process of industrialisation,” she said.

In a rat race for development, some developed countries caused damage to Mother Earth, Swaraj said adding, “Now they expect solutions from the nations, which are not responsible for the crisis.”

According to her, development engineered by artificial means becomes a problem for the nature and the irony is that artificial solutions are being explored.

She said traditional Indian knowledge is purely scientific and Indian philosophy, lifestyle hold the key to make the world a better place to live, free of global warming.

“Carbon credits are being talked about at global forums, but green credits should also be offered,” she added.

Personal resolutions like quitting greed, saving the earth and need-based use of nature’s resources will help solve the problem of global warming, the minister said.