Indian Cricketer Jasprit’s grandfather dies after he was denied a meeting

Ahmedabad: Not all families have a happy family and things were never normal between Indian cricketer Jasprit Bumrah’s and his grandfather Santok Singh leading the latter to commit suicide after he was not allowed to meet his grandson.

84-year-old Santok Singh Bumrah, grandfather of Indian cricketer was reportedly found dead on Sunday in Sabarmati River by the Ahmedabad Fire and Emergency Services (AFES).

His body was out from the River which is situated between Gandhi Bridge and Dadhichi Bridge.
Santok was in Ahmedabad to meet his grandson Jasprit but went missing after he was turned down from meeting him.

Santok’s family has filed a missing report with Vastrapur after Santok reportedly went missing since Friday afternoon after he was denied a meeting with Jaspreet.

Santok’s family member was quoted saying, “He expressed a wish to meet his grandson on his birthday on December 5. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to meet Jasprit. On December 8, Santokh called his son Balvinder Singh, who lives in Jharkhand, and told him that he was leaving to meet
his deceased wife,” by the Ahmedabad Mirror.

Another news source has told that Santok was also turned down by his daughter when he visited her residence at Sonal Apartments, Vastrapur on December 1. The source said Santok was not offered any apathy by her daughter’s family.

Rajinder Santok’s family member said, “When we went to meet Jasprit’s mother Daljit Kaur at a city school where she is a teacher, she refused to allow my father any contact with Jasprit. She even refused to share her son’s phone number so that father could talk to him. My father was grief-stricken by this. He left home on Friday afternoon and never returned.”

Jasprit’s grandfather Santok had previously expressed his desire to meet his grandson after he watched him carve a place in Indian cricket team. He visited Ahmedabad with the same desire to see his grandson after 17 long years but was denied.

Santok was a successful businessman in Gujarat during the 80s and the 90s. But bad luck stuck the family after Jasprit’s father had passed away who used to assist Santok in the business.

Santok later sold his three factories and his business and shifted to Uttarakhand where he had been making his living by driving a tempo reports DC.