Indian communication satellite to be launched on November 10

Chennai: Indian communication satellite GSAT-15 is to be launched on November 10 using an Ariane 5 rocket of European space agency Arianespace, the agency said.

In a statement, Arianespace said preparations for its sixth heavy-lift mission of 2015 have advanced into the payload integration phase, with the Indian GSAT-15 satellite passenger making its first contact with launcher hardware.

The space agency said the milestone occurred this week at the spaceport in French Guiana with GSAT-15’s installation atop the cone-shaped adapter that will serve as its interface with the rocket Ariane 5.

The Indian satellite then was transferred to the launcher final assembly building where it will be readied for installation atop Ariane 5.

The 3,164.5 kg GSAT-15 was built by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and it will be flown together with Arabsat-6B by Ariane 5.

The GSAT-15 will provide telecommunications services, as well as dedicated navigation-aid and emergency services for India.

The satellite’s life is 12 years.

For Arianespace, the November 10 will be the 10th launch in a busy year at the spaceport that targets a total of 12 flights with the company’s complete launcher family, which also includes the medium-weight Soyuz and light-lift Vega.