Indian Billionaire hires 12 servants for his daughter at UK university

An Indian billionaire father advertised to hire 12 servants to look after his daughter when she starts her four-year course at St Andrews University in Scotland this month.

The billionaire father had apparently posted an ad to invite interested people to be a member of the girl’s staff – a job that pays about £30,000 a year. In Indian currency, that is Rs 28.5 lakh a year.

The requirement advertised for are a chef, a lady’s maid, a waiter, a driver, a gardener, a house manager, three housekeepers and three footmen.

The footmen will be responsible for serving meals, laying the table and keeping the house clean. They will also be required to open doors for the student “wherever possible”, the ad said.

The website of Silver Swan, a recruitment agency that specialises in finding butlers and housekeepers for the rich, said the family was very rich and very formal so are looking for experienced staff and would be paid about £30,000 a year.

A spokesman for Silver Swan Recruitment said: “We have pretty much filled all the positions now so the advert is closed, and we have taken it down. We cannot comment on this further as it is extremely confidential.”

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