Indian arrested in US for making bomb threat at airport

Washington: A 53-year-old Indian has been taken into custody by police in the US state of North Dakota for allegedly making a bomb threat at an airport as he told a travel agent that there was an explosive in his bag.

The suspect identified as Paraman Radhakishan, from India, was taken into custody at the Grand Forks International Airport. He faces terrorism charges.

Police said Radhakishan was taken into custody after he told a travel agent at the Grand Forks International Airport around 5:14 AM yesterday that there was a bomb in his bag.

As a precautionary measure, operations were suspended. The Grand Forks Regional Bomb Squad “evaluated the validity of the threat,” a statement said. Airport operations were soon normalised.

Radhakishan was on his way from Grand Forks — the third largest city in North Dakota — to Minneapolis.

Radhakishnan’s motive is still under investigation; however, police said it is possible he became upset with airport staff. Police said whatever the reason, any threat of this kind is taken seriously.