Indian-American Manoj Bhargava makes electricity as an enabler

NEW DELHI: Indian-American philanthropist Manoj Bhargava sees electricity as an enabler. It can help people make a living and “solve some of the biggest problems faced by the rural poor in India”, says the world-famous billionaire.

Bhargava has showcased three products, which he thinks could improve lives in rural India. One of them is the HANS PowerPack, a portable electricity generator that could be used as a torch, and charge cellphones and run computers, fans, TV sets etc. Bhargava said this technology could provide electricity wirelessly.

“Wires are heavy, expensive and high maintenance. With the powerpack, people wouldn’t have the problem of power theft,” said the founder of the Billions In Change movement.

The 3.5kg portable device can be charged through a special solar panel in less than four hours. It comes with a 12-year warranty, which Bhargava says “is the most anyone can give in India”.

Bhargava believes this technology would change lives just like cellphones. The Uttarakhand government would also obtain 1 lakh powerpacks to provide power in villages where it’s difficult to erect poles.

Two other products showed by Bhargava are RainMaker filtration unit and Shivansh Fertiliser Maker.