Indian air strikes in Pak a ‘lie’, says mother of martyr CRPF soldier

NEW DELHI: As there is an atmosphere of joy and celebration across the country with the air strikes by the IAF in POK on Tuesday, a video of a mother of a martyr of CRPF soldier not satisfied with the the government’s claims has now gone viral on social media platforms.

The mother of slain CRPF soldier Pradeep Kumar, who was martyred in the Pulwama terror attack, has demanded from the government to show any evidence of the casualties inflicted by its air strikes, only then will the revenge be fulfilled.

Terming the action of the government a ‘lie,’ Sarmishtha Devi added, “Not satisfied at all. My son has been martyred, many mothers have lost their sons. Not satisfied at all. They have not shown a single casualty. Bombs have been dropped only on houses. Neither have they shown the dead bodies (Jaish-e-Mohammed militants) or given us any news.”

The slain soldier’s mother said, “I want revenge. I want them to show the dead bodies of militants the way they showed the dead bodies of (CRPF) jawans. They have not shown a single body of militants. I want to see it from my own eyes.”

She added, “The way martyrs were shown being killed, show their killings also.”

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Kumar’s wife too agreed with her mother-in-law and said, “It’s not satisfactory because they were bombing empty spaces. This is not right. In future, they should so something that results in the deaths of militants.”

Family members of Sunil Kumar, another martyr also echoed similar sentiments.

Sunil’s brother Amit Kumar was quoted by Bhaskar newspaper, “We will not live in peace until 4,000 terrorists are killed for our 40 soldiers. Families of martyrs are demanding answer from the government. Attacking empty places as ticking the box exercise will not work.”