#IndiaIsNotWithZeeNews top trending on Twitter

NEW DELHI: Zee news editor-in-chief and anchor Sudhir Chaudhary, was booked under non-bailable sections for offending the Muslim religion.

Soon after the FIR filed, #isupportSudhirchaudhary begin trending on the internet.

Contrary to #isupportSudhirchaudhary, social media users on Saturday turn the hashtag #IndiaIsNotWithZeeNews into top trending topic on Twitter in India.

The hashtag #IndiaIsNotWithZeeNews started trending about 4 hours ago and is currently trending at #️1 with 108K tweets.

On Thursday, 7 May, Kerala police filed an FIR against Chaudhary for broadcasting a prime-time show where schooled his viewers about the different “types of jihad” in the Muslim community.

Amidst the widespread of COVID-19, some of the leading media channels are busy in spreading bigotry and communal hatred.

These media channels who twist the news and disinformed the readers and viewers providing a bait to the right-wing hatemongers and fringe groups who leave no opportunity to demonize, harass and vilify Indian Muslims.

As a result of their actions, first it was Republic TV’s Arnab Goswami who faces the heat and now its Sudhir Chaudhary