India warned by UAE: “Your country is not immune to Islamic State”

Anwar Gargash, Foreign affairs minister of UAE in an interview to NDTV said that India should not think that it is safe from ISIS.

Dr Gargash told NDTV: “This is a long-term threat we need to cooperate, need to have zero tolerance. There are no grey areas, we need to tackle this threat and nobody is immune. If you think you are immune, you are going to be negligent and you are going to be hit. Everybody… whether India or the UAE.”

On questioning about Pakistan’s efforts about fighting terrorism after Pathankot attack Dr Gargash said: “The UAE doesn’t see a grey area in our rejection of terrorism, whether by a non-government group or whether sponsored by governments, we put all that in the same pile, terrorism is terrorism.” He added that “there are no good terrorists and bad terrorists”, and that states cannot distinguish between different groups.
Many Indians linked with ISIS have been deported from UAE recently.