India stuck in Hindu-Muslim conflict…: Chetan Bhagat

New Delhi: Expressing disappointment over the violence which has gripped Delhi, and led to the deaths of 42 people, author Chetan Bhagat said there are other pressing issues to be taken care of – like coronavirus, the state of economy etc.

Taking to twitter Bhagat wrote: “World markets collapse as Corona hits. Global demand will fall. India already suffering a weak economy will find it v difficult to recover. Jobs growth all set to suffer. Immediate attention needed. But hey, Hindu Muslim Hindu Muslim.”

Violence broke out in North East Delhi on Sunday with a clash between the groups supporting and against the new citizenship law in Jafarabad, Maujpur, Chand Bagh and other areas. However, it escalated and turned communal on Monday. Mob torched shops, vehicles and property. They roamed on the streets with swords and pistols, turning the areas into a war zone.

According to critics and analysts, the Citizenship (Amendment) Act or CAA passed by Parliament in December, 2019, which seeks to grant -citizenship to persecuted minorities from three neighbouring countries: Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, is the cause behind the violence.