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India should be proud of Baba Ramdev: Jaggi Basudev

India should be proud of Baba Ramdev: Jaggi Basudev

New Delhi : Spiritual leader Jaggi Basudev has said yoga guru Baba Ramdev has made the nation proud by balancing his basic works on yoga with his business, which has contributed towards the Indian economy.

“Anyone who does business within the frame work of law and regulation, the nation benefits from that. Baba Ramdev is spending very less time on business so that his basic works on yoga is not hampered. For this, the nation should feel proud of him,” Basudev told ETV head Jagdeesh Chandra on his popular J.C. Show.

Basudev also highlighted the deteriorating education system in the nation and encouraged the children to lead a positive life.

“It’s unfortunate that 12 to 14-years-old children are committing suicide. We are continuing with the education system which started two hundred years back by people from other nations. People should get rid of such attitude and children should lead a positive life,” he added. (ANI)