India pavilion launches water from air at Expo 2020 Dubai

Abu Dhabi: India pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai has launched AirOwater—a product that produces drinking water from air.

Visitors to the Indian Pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020 line up in front of the AirOwater, not only to taste the water but also to understand the technology and how water is produced from thin air.

AirOwater is a humidity and temperature machine that produces water from moisture in the air using a special process. These machines serve two purposes: simultaneously creating water and filtering the outside air, making them the unique energy-efficient water generator.

AirOwater uses the moisture content of the air to create the purest form of drinking water through a four-step filtration process.

Aerowater’s chief international operations officer, Rahul Mathur, said he was delighted with the response he received from thousands of visitors young and old to the Indian Pavilion and by seeing happy faces after being offered the water at the mega event.

Palak Shah, AirOWater international sales head and from the manufacturing side in Mumbai told Khaleej Times, “We have spent a lot of resources perfecting the technology and have achieved a price point per liter of water, down from the high price per liter when we started production at the beginning of 2011.”

“The water produced through the machine is pure and enriched from During the process of ozone with oxides and healthy minerals – which is 3000 times better than using chlorine in water,” Palak Shah added.