India is only helping Pakistan gain respect by encouraging dialogue: RK Singh

New Delhi, Aug.22: Former home secretary and BJP MP R.K. Singh on Saturday said that India is only helping Pakistan gain respect by conducting bilateral talks .

Speaking to ANI, R.K. Singh said that he personally felt that these dialogues “are of no use”. India is only helping Pakistan to gain respect which it has lost in the world.

With reference to the news paper reports confirming the presence of 1993 Mumbai blast accused Dawood Ibrahim in Pakistan, the former home secretary said “We have always known that Dawood was in Pakistan. The only difference is that now it is out in the open. But if you place this evidence in front of Pakistan, they will deny it because it is not like any other civilized nations of the world. It can lie to anytime. You don’t deal with this country like other countries.”

He further said that Pakistan cannot be trusted as on the one hand Pakistan takes money from United States and at the same time gives shelter to Taliban who are killing Americans.

Pakistan is not in a position to deliver on terrorism. Even if ISI says that they will shut down training camps of terrorists, it cannot be trusted, he added.(ANI)