India is not in need of new law to deal with Lynching: Minority Affairs Minister

New Delhi: India is not in need of a new law to deal with Lynching said Union Minority Affairs Minister and BJP leader Naqvi.

The controversial statement from the BJP leader has come at a time when the Muslim community, as well as other minority communities, are demanding justice, reforms for their safety and to end this inhuman Human lynching, New Indian Express reports.

Supporting his statement, Naqvi who is the Muslim face of BJP, said, “In the last five years, there has been no major communal riot in the country like Bhagalpur, Bhiwandi, Maliyana and Meerut. Unfortunately, some incidents of lynching took place but most incidents have been criminal incidents. They should not be looked at from a communal angle.”

The BJP government has ordered immediate action in those lynching cases and also directed the state governments to stop these crimes claims Naqvi.

When asked whether the nation is in need of a new law or penal sections to stop these inhuman lynching, Naqvi replied: “The government has been discussing what actions need to be taken to crush such offences. However, there are enough criminal laws in the country and they are effective. There is no need for a new law.”