All India Muslim Front flay ‘Common Civil Code’ Campaign

All India Muslim Front has  stated here that “some immature and ill-informed sections of the majority community are now raising  the controversial issue if Unification of all Personal Laws of all Communities of all Religions giving the campaign the name of ‘Common Civil Code’, purporting to take refuge under  Article 44 of th4e Constitution, without  even applying  their minds to the serious consequences such a campaign will leave  to constitutional chaos”.


Addressing the media at NSS today, Front leaders  and senior Advocates  Mohd Osman Shaheed, Mohd Allauddin Ansari and K  Pratap Reddy said that  in the first instance,  the campaigners  appear to be oblivious  of the fact  that Article 44 of the Constitution is subject  to the mandate in Article 37 that the Provisions of Part IV of the constitution (Article 44 being part thereof) shall not be enforceable by any Court


They pointed out that the Britishers had codified  several aspects of Socio, Economic and Political life of the citizens of India, but  refrained  from interfering  with the Personal Laws of Hindus and Muslims in respect of Marriage, Succession, Adoption and Maintenance, etc.  They said that  the controversy relating to common Civil Code  is once again being raised unnecessarily and without any justification after about 65 years of the commencement of the Constitution. 

       The Front leaders  said that the matter relating to common Civil Code  must be left to the different religions and groups to agree upon a Common Civil Code relating to their Personal Laws affecting Marriages, Succession, Adoption and Maintenance, etc.  (NSS)