All India Milli Council against changes in Muslim personal law

New Delhi: All India Milli Council (AIMC), an organisation of Muslims, said it was against any move to make changes in their community personal law, particularly on the contentious triple talaq issue.

“We endorse the All India Muslim Personal Law Board view on triple talaq which is averse to any change in its personal law,” AIMC general secretary Manzoor Alam told reporters after the conclusion of two-day 18th annual session of its general body in Bhopal on Saturday.

Asked that the Muslim women have themselves moved the Supreme Court against triple talaq, he alleged politicians were trying to create divide in their community for political gains.

“RSS and BJP are against the Indian Constitution which stands for secularism, equality and justice among other things,” Alam alleged.

AIMC has been formed to protect the Muslims community as per the rights guaranteed under the Indian Constitution to all citizens, irrespective to their caste, creed, religion, languages, he said.

Alam claimed that media played a good role during the demolition of Babri Mosque.

At that time it had churned out stories and analysis, which has been missing since last two and a half year, he said.

“Now the media is more loyal than the king,” Alam remarked in an apparent reference to the debate going on in the media over triple talaq.