India Japan Partnership Group Holds “India Japan AI and Fintech Forum” in Tokyo

Mumbai: India Japan Partnership Group held the first India Japan AI and Fintech Forum in central Tokyo district of Marunouchi led by Mr. Sanjeev Sinha, IIT Kanpur Graduate and Founding President of IIT Alumni Association in Japan.

The venue of the forum was chosen as the erstwhile Marunouchi India Economic Zone, which was co-founded in 2009 by Mr. Sanjeev Sinha of Sun and Sands Group, which has now expanded into India Japan Partnership Group, along with Mitsubishi Estate and Deloitte Tohmatsu, to help Indian companies with collaboration and funding from Japan. The Marunouchi India Economic Zone had InMobi from India as its first tenant which received the first major funding to India from Softbank of 200 million USD in a couple of years. The forum attended by industry, government and academic leaders in the domain emphasized the need for India Japan collaboration in the areas like AI and related DeepTech technologies like Fintech, Blockchain, IoT and Cyber Security.

Mr. Sanjeev Sinha opened the AI and Fintech Forum narrating the flow of India-Japan collaboration in the high technology areas over last 2 decades. Mr. Sinha who first arrived in Japan in 1996 for R&D in AI, especially in the autonomous driving systems, shared with the audience how the lack of human resource exchange between India and Japan led to the creation of Mobileye in Israel starting with a major R&D order from the top Japanese automaker.

Mr. Sinha explained how he founded and led the IIT Alumni in Japan which is known for phenomenal enhancement of the reputation and presence of Indian human resource in Japan from all walks of life.

A major IIT Alumni Conference in 2007 led by Mr. Sinha on the advice of the then Director of IIT Kanpur and Padma Shri awardee Prof. Sanjay Dhande, former Ambassador Aftab Seth and HCL Co-Founder Mr. Arjun Malhotra, initiated the process for Japanese collaboration with IIT Hyderabad. The conference in 2007 was hosted at Keio University with Prof. Yuichiro Anzai as the incumbent President and well attended by a group of Japanese industry, government and academia who continue to be a core supporting group from Japan for IIT Hyderabad.

Prof. Yuichiro Anzai, who is now the Chairperson of Strategic Council for AI Technology under the Cabinet Office of Japan and Senior Advisor of Japan Society for Promotion of Sciences, followed the opening remarks of Mr. Sinha at the India-Japan AI and Fintech Forum. Prof. Anzai described the need for cross-ministerial collaboration in Japan for effectively working with India.

Mr. Komiya Yuji, former Managing Partner of Tokio Marine Capital, President of MC Capital Singapore and now Managing Partner of Asia Capital within India Japan Partnership Group, introduced the potential for investments and technical collaboration for Linkites Co. Ltd. whose CEO Mr. Saket Dandotia visited Japan from Indore in India for the AI and Fintech Forum.

Mr. Saket Dandotia’s presentation was very well received by the Japanese audience on the wide range of AI and Blockchain based technologies from India including deep-learning based recognition and e-commerce integration of merchandise in normal videos, code-named Toch, and agricultural surveillance using drones and image analysis.

While the Japanese audience expressed a pleasant surprise at the cutting-edge product development by an Indian company Linkites, Mr. Dandotia also presented how India can help Japan in its need for IT human resource.

Mr. Norio Ichihashi, the founder of Mobileye which is now a 15 billion USD world leading company in autonomous driving systems, further elaborated at the India Japan AI Fintech Forum on the need of Japanese collaboration with India in the field of AI and a wider range of IT. He presented how Research Institute of Next Generation AI which he has founded along with Mr. Sinha has been working on the process, including education, and is keen to collaborate with IITs in India.

Mr. Sunil Rajput former executive from Mizuho Securities, Mr. Yukihiko Kikuchi former executive from JP Morgan and UBS Japan and Mr. Mohit Challa a bilateral AI expert, all now partners with India Japan Partnership Group, made closing remarks on the need of combining the human, financial and intellectual capital for India-Japan collaboration and also introduced Sakura Buddha Advisors Co. Ltd., a new member of the group based in New Delhi, for the much needed promotion and information exchange across the two countries.

Mr. Sanjeev Sinha, formerly with Goldman Sachs, Mizuho Securities and Chief Country Representative in Japan for Tata Asset Management (Mutual Funds) and Tata Realty and Infrastructure (PE Fund) with more than a Billion USD AUM from Japan now heads India Japan Partnership Fund focused on funding bilateral collaboration projects. The forum is expected to lead to a broad range of collaboration between India and Japan in high tech areas which will be the potential beneficiary of the fund. (ANI)