Is India for Hindus only, judges ask Nagpur Corporation, run by BJP

Nagpur : “Is India for Hindus only?”asked the  judges of Mumbai High Court  about  Nagpur  Municipal Corporation plan to have the “Hanuman Chalisa” recited at an AIDS-awareness program to be organized here Nagpur tomorrow.

“Why only recital of Hanuman Chalisa and why not from the Quran, the Bible or other religious literature? What is the nexus of AIDS awareness and Hanuman Chalisa recital? Is it only Hindus who contract AIDS?” Nagpur based   judges  sought explanation from the organizers, reported NDTV.

The high court judges have said that they are not against any religious programme, but are concerned about government agencies associating with these.

The court also directed the organizers  to give wide publicity to its AIDS awareness programme, without mentioning the Hanuman Chalisa event.


–Courtesy “MM”