India happy to share expertise in different sectors with Indonesia

Bali (Indonesia): Describing education as the key to the success for people in India and Indonesia in the 21st century, Vice President M. Hamid Ansari on Wednesday said there is a need to encourage regular exchanges of teachers, scholars and students, as well as between academic and research institutions of the two countries.

Delivering a lecture at the University of Udayana in Bali this morning, the Vice President said, “We would be happy to share our expertise in different sectors with the faculty and officials of your university under the spirit of South-South cooperation.”

“We have a partnership with Indonesia for several training and educational programmes, as well as for capacity building. We look forward to hosting more Balinese officials and students under these programmes in India,” he added.

Reflecting on the past links between India and Indonesia, Vice President Ansari further stated that “Our appreciation of the past determines how we shape our future. A shared heritage, not only reminds us of our past cultural links, but also nurtures our present interactions and promotes economic linkages between our two countries.”

He emphasized that ancient links between India and Indonesia were primarily forged through people-to-people contacts, and with the relationship being reinvigorated in 2005 through a strategic partnership agreement, India and Indonesia have opened a new chapter in friendship and cooperation.

“We have an opportunity to foster closer relations between our people with bonds of commerce, education, travel and cultural exchanges,” he said.

Vice President Ansari said that his visit to Indonesia should be seen as “another link to foster deeper and closer political, economic and people-to-people relations.”

During his speech, he also recalled the ancient Nalanda University hosting Indonesian scholars wanting to study Buddhist philosophy and of Indian traders going to Indonesia for cultural and religious exchanges and practices.

Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore’s words “I see India everywhere” on a 1927 visit to Bali also found a mention in the Vice President’s address. (ANI)