Is India Going Towards Banana Republic? Modi Should Control Fringe Elements

New Delhi: Things are worsening day by day in India after Modi led BJP government came in power. Recent barbaric incidents especially on Dalits, Muslims and poor only shows the situations are several times worse than the earlier.

Recent incident shows the “Cow is holier than the life of a Human”.

Four Dalit men stripped and lash with the iron rods in full public view.  The credit for this blatant display of hooliganism goes to local Shiv Sena members.

Fault: They were believed to be tannery workers assaulted brutally for skinning the dead cows.

Member’s of a dalit family stripped, paraded naked and beaten the in full public view by the Uttar Pradesh police.

Fault: They went to police station to register a FIR (First Information Report) against unknown robbers.

Mob led by the Hindutva outfit assaulting Muslim Head constable with sharp objects and shaving his beard and forcibly made him to say, “Jai Bhawani. Jai Shivaji”.

Fault: He was allegedly beaten for stopping locals from hoisting a “saffron flag” in a communally sensitive area in Latur.

In Dadri district of UP, on 29 September last year, son of BJP workers with a mob gathered at 52-year-old Mohammad Akhlaq’s house, dragged him out and lynched him to death. His son Danish was brutally assaulted by a mob.

Fault: It was rumoured that Akhlaq and his family slaughtered a calf and stored its meat at home.

In March, Mustain Abbas was killed in Haryana, allegedly by the so-called ‘Gau Raksha Dal’ men.

Fault: He had only gone to buy bulls and was transporting a newly-purchased animals for use in his fields.

Also in March, two Muslim Muhammad Majloom, 35, and Azad Khan, 15, were allegedly hanged from a tree in Jharkhand’s Latehar district by Hindu radicals.

Fault: They were herding buffaloes on their way to a Friday market.


All these shockingly “cruel and inhumane” incidents only shows that right-wing fringe group have the backing of the BJP governments.

First, it is Muslims and now it is Dalits who are being oppressed by the Hindutva groups.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi  should break his silence and speak up on the issues and restrain the ‘right-wing Hindu nationalist and his party leaders from their hard-core ideologues.

The BJP-led NDA government has come to power on the issue of good governance but in the last last two years there were  lack of “seriousness of work” too many controversies and too little progress.