India goes Green with Ola Share’ mobility solutions

New Delhi : Taxi aggregator Ola today shared details on how its shared mobility solutions are making a significant contribution towards reducing vehicular pollution and addressing traffic congestion in cities across India.

Accorded to the company statistics, Ola Share helped keep 9,10,086 vehicles off the road in Delhi, since its launch in January 2016.

Apart from lowering the number of cars hitting the road, Ola Share also helped bring down CO2 emission levels by 12,90,636 kilograms as well as saving 5,37,768 litres of fuel because of users opting for shared rides on the Ola platform across the city.

“Shared Mobility is the future of transportation in India and Ola Share has enables citizens to share their rides and pay only a fraction of the actual trip cost while contributing towards reduction in vehicular pollution and congestion in their city,” said Head of Categories and CMO at Ola, Raghuvesh Sarup.

He also mentioned of how Ola Share has emerged as a friendly ride sharing solution in India in addition to being the most eco-friendly and most pocket-friendly.

“At Ola, our mission is to build mobility for a billion people, and I am excited that growing adoption of shared mobility solutions like Ola Share by eco-friendly citizens of India will form a large part of this while caring for the environment. Ola Share has helped save several million car rides and more than five lakh litre of fuel. Importantly, Ola Share has prevented emission of over 48 lakh kilograms of CO2 pan India, that’s as much as the weight of 1200 Indian elephants,” added Raghuvesh.

Growing popularity of Ola Share has made it one of most preferred choice of the commuters and the offering is running successfully in 7 cities in India. Economic growth, rapid urbanization and environmental concerns are driving the need for innovative mobility solutions across the country. (ANI)