India is free from ‘Italian rule’: Manikarnika Actress

Mumbai: India is truly independent today and definitely free from the rule of ‘Italian government’ said Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut after she cast her vote in Mumbai today.

Taking a direct dig at Congress party she said India is finally free from the rule of ‘Italian government’ when asked about the importance of voting.

The actress replied, “It’s a very important day. This day comes once in five years, so please make use of this. I feel India is gaining its independence in the real sense of the term today. Because before this, we were servants of Mughal, British and Italian governments. So please exercise your right and vote.”

Speaking about her vote for ‘India’, Kangana Ranaut not only attacked Sonia Gandhi for being an Italian but also attacked the Congress.

“All our politicians who kept chilling in London… the state that this country is in, the rapes, the poverty, the pollution, the ecology… the ‘durdasha’, the state that our country was in during the Congress rule, it can’t get worse than that. It is time for our swaraj and swadharm. So we should be going in in large numbers and voting for India,” she said.

“It is a misunderstood term. There are people out with daggers to attack those who say they’re nationalists. These are all ideas. They come from your environment. You need to know what works for you. In our country, the rich is super rich, and the poor are super poor. Nationalism is something that can help uplift them, but this might not be relevant later. Every idea comes with an expiry date. But it is what our nation needs today. I’m really passionate about it today,” she added.