India facing worst economic crisis: V Hanumanth Rao

Hyderabad: Secretary AICC & ex-MP (Rajya Sabha) V Hanumanth Rao said, the country is facing worst economic crisis. Government has demonetised Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes to fill government treasury and divert people’s attention from its failure, which has created chaos in the country. Anxiety prevails among poor and middle class.

V Hanumanth said Narendra Modi had promised to bring back black money and to deposit Rs 15 lakh in each citizen’s account within 100 days of assuming power. However 900 days have passed since BJP-led NDA government came to power but Narendra Modi failed to bring back black money. However he succeeded to bring people’s hard-earned money to government treasury.

Poor and middle class were taken aback by sudden scrapping of Rs. 500 and 1000 notes. Despite government’s assurance that the notes will be accepted in emergency situation, at petrol pumps, hospitals and for milk purchasing, till November 11, petrol pump owners, hospitals etc refuse to accept the notes which worried the public. Business has come to a standstill due to shortage of change in the market. If the said notes had to be scrapped, government should have first brought it to people’s knowledge and have given time. By not making alternative arrangement, government has landed public into trouble. They are having tough time in purchasing essential commodities. This is strongly condemned by the Congress.

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