India expects Pak not to promote terrorism, says VK Singh

New Delhi, Aug 5 : Speaking about the proposed talks between the National Security Advisers of India and Pakistan, Minister of State for External Affairs General (Retired) V.K. Singh on Wednesday said that India expects Pakistan to abide by its Jan 2004 agreement that it will not allow anybody to use its soil for launching terror strikes against India, and would sustain the dialogue process.

“India expects Pakistan to abide by its Jan’04 agreement that Pakistan will not allow its territory to promote terrorist activity against India. The Indian Government is committed to resolve all issues with Pakistan with Agra framework and Lahore declaration. A meaningful dialogue necessary requires an environment free from violence and terror,” General (retired) Singh said.

The Government of India is likely to raise the issue of the recent revelations made by former Pakistan Director General Tariq Khosa that Pakistan was behind the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks have put pressure on the Modi Government to take strong action, during Indo-Pakistan NSA level talks.

According to reports, Tariq Khosa has said “Pakistan has to deal with the Mumbai mayhem, planned and launched from its soil” in one of his articles.

Khosa’s revelations have put pressure on the Modi Government to take strong action. (ANI)