India Design Forum at first London Biennale

New Delhi: An installation by India Design Forum (IDF) will be representing India in the inaugural edition of the London Design Biennale.

The first London Design Biennale will open at Somerset House in London with over 30 countries and territories participating. It will be held from September 7-27.

London Design Biennale will open gates to exhibit different installations curated by the leading museums and design organisations in the world.

The Indian Design Forum’s installation for the London Design Biennale, titled “Chakraview” captures India’s design landscape at present, expanding on the multiple heritages – spiritual, cultural and ideological, read a statement.

Nations have to present newly commissioned works that explore the theme Utopia by design.

The installation is curated by Rajshree Pathy (Founder of IDF).

For Pathy, “mythological stories are a foundation for utopia because they represent how ancient communities tried to reach a perfect ideal”.

“We hope the audience will pause for a while in wonderment at the abundance of India, the myriad emotions that are conveyed through this work and then be startled and perhaps leave with a bit of the soul of India in their hearts forever,” Pathy said.