India, China taking our jobs, will bring them back: Trump

Washington: Leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump today vowed to bring back jobs from India and China, alleging that these countries are taking jobs away from Americans.

Without giving any definite policy perspective on how he would bring back jobs from India and China, Trump in an interview to Fox News argued that such a move would help him win the support of the Hispanic community.

“I am going to win the Hispanics because they know I am going to bring back jobs, from lots of places including India and China and lots of places, that are taking our jobs,” said the real estate tycoon.

“But how are you going to do it? Can you get specific in terms of how you are going to get them?,” he was asked.

“Yes, but I’ve been very specific, I’ve been very specific, look. We have to change our tax code, we have the highest taxes, we are highest taxed nation in the world,” he said.