India can end terrorism if it treats militants sternly:Vanzara

Jodhpur: Former Gujarat IPS D G Vanzara today said India could get rid of terrorism if terrorists including those from Pakistan are dealt with sternly.

He said the terrorists had their human rights and were getting all types of facilities in Indian jails.

“If the behaviour with the Pakistani and other terrorists in Indian jails is hardened, the terrorism in India could end. But they also have their human rights and they get all the possible facilities in the jails,” he said.

Vanzara, who was in Johdpur to see Asaram Bapu in jail, termed the incarceration of the self-styled ‘godman’ as “unjustified and harsh.”

Vanzara, who could not meet Asaram as only one person can meet a prisoner in a week, condemned the denial and termed it a conspiracy.

“I have been an IPS officer. I know the jail manual. I also have been a prisoner. I know everything about the rules. Jail superintendent has authority to allow any family member or a disciple, if the prisoner was his guru. I condemn this behaviour of the jail administration,” he said.

Vanzara alleged that Asaram had “fallen victim” to “anti-Hindu and anti-national powers,” without naming any person or party.

“There has been a conspiracy in this country since independence to harm Hindu religion. And implication of Asaram in this case was a part of this conspiracy,” he alleged.

Vanzara said that he had trust in judiciary but not in the quasi-system which has been functioning behind the legal system by “manipulating” it to tarnish Hindu religion and the nation.

“Law is a mask. Asaram has been a victim of this quasi-system which has been working by manipulating the legal system under the mask of the law to destroy the nation since last 70 years,” Vanzara said.

“I want to be among the people and would take the case of Asaram among the people to tell them the facts about this case,” he said.