‘India is of Bharat Mata not of Khwaja’: Union Minister Giriraj Singh once again spits venom

Nawada: Union Minister Giriraj Singh sparked off yet another controversy by making a provocative remark saying Hindustan is of Bharat Mata, not of Khwaja. Whoever wanted to make Khwaja’s India, had in 1947 gone to Pakistan.

Giriraj said, social equality, Bharat Mata, Vande Mataram are our basic principles; we would not let India divide. I want to tell ‘those who wanted to make Khwaja’s India had in 1947 gone to Pakistan’, he said while speaking to reporters, citing a banner during Akberpur taazia procession with the writing ‘Hindustan belongs to Khwaja.’

Giriraj Singh, a firebrand BJP leader, known for his controversial comments, was in his home constituency Nawada.