India-Africa relations need to be strengthened, hope visit yields concrete results: JD (U)

New Delhi : The Janata Dal (United) on Thursday said that the relations between India and Africa need to be strengthened and expressed hope that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit is planned in a manner to yield concrete results.
“This relationship needs to be strengthened, I am happy that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is making this visit and I hope that the visit has been planned in a manner which will lead to concrete results,” Verma told ANI.

Verma said that the Prime Minister, among his visits to other countries, has found time to visit Africa, while adding that the continent shares historical ties not only politically but culturally as well.

“I am glad that Prime Minister Narendra Modi among his other perambulations around the world has found time for Africa. Africa is a continent with we had centuries old relationships not only politically but in the areas of culture and in areas of people, people to people contacts,” he added.

He said that India, since the beginning of its independence has fought against apartheid and against colonialism and has the potential to have greater economic relations with Africa.

“We have the potential to have far greater economic relations with Africa and it is a continent whose interest India has fought since the beginning of our independence against apartheid and against colonialism in Africa,” he said.

During his five-day tour the Prime Minister will be visiting Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania and Kenya.

Prime Minister Modi yesterday said that his tour will be aimed at enhancing ties between India and Africa beginning with a visit to Mozambique – a brief but key visit. (ANI)