Independent Lok Pal must to check corruption in Union Territories, says Kiran Bedi

Puducherry :Lt Governor Kiran Bedi on Friday pitched for setting up an independent Lok Pal at the Centre to check corruption in Union Territories like Puducherry or other UTs as these areas do not have independent vigilance officers.

Establishing it would act as a big deterrent to curb corruption and nepotism in Union Territories such as Puducherry or other UTs, as people would be able to approach Lok Pal directly with their complaints, she said in a WhatsApp message.

“An independent Lok Pal would be an easily accessible venue where complaints of corruption and nepotism can be sent for expeditious investigation to prevent diversion of precious funds and check financial wastage,” she said.

Pointing out that the Union Territories do not have Independent Vigilance officers, she said that in many cases they (vigilance officers) themselves need to be investigated as there was a ‘clear conflict of interest’.

Bedi also said Puducherry has had a history where some public officials, including a Chief Secretary and a senior Police officer had gone to prison. She did not elaborate.

She said Lok Pal would also be able “to look at the way people are recruited -whether within rules or by back door entries to meet vested interests in violation of all norms of administration and Union Public Service Commission.”