This Independence Day gets in new rules for Goa

Goa C.M Manohar Panikkar has expressed his concern regarding the cleanliness of Goa and its beaches. He said that drinking alcohol on the beaches of Goa will be banned from 15 of August and the ones caught will have to pay heavy fine towards it. He also said that the usage of plastic should be banned and carrying plastic bags will amount in the fine of 2500 rupees. Parekar while addressing a gathering after opening an incubation centre at the state-run Economic Development Corporation said that the state will witness the change from August as it moves towards being more responsible.

Though Goa is known for relaxing and not to forget cheaper alcohol, the tourists will have to pay heavy fines for drinking alcohol in public places and using plastic bags. During the address, the CM said, there is something called civic responsibility and everyone should be aware of it. The footpaths which are developed along the river in Panaji city are used by the tourists for drinking alcohol. There are so many plastic bags removed from the Mandivi River every day, people in the name of offering throw the flowers wrapping them in plastic bags in the water.

They think they have done a great religious deed, but throwing plastic bags in the water is not justified, you can be religious but not at the cost of harming the environment. While the fine for using plastic bags is increased from 100 to 2500, the amount of fine to be paid towards drinking alcohol has not revelled yet. The decision will be implemented from 15 of August.