Increase in Minorities budget next year but less than a half release this year

Hyderabad: Govt. of Telangana has decided to enhance the budget of the Dept. of Minorities Welfare but if the details of the release of budget and the expenditure for this financial year is taken into account, it will be known that Rs. 1130 crore were allocated for this department. So far, only Rs. 400 crore have been released. The Department spent Rs. 350 crore under various schemes which includes a sum of Rs. 100 crore spent on Shaadi Mubarak Scheme. If this amount is separated, only Rs. 258 crore have been spent on various schemes.

It is reported that Rs. 85 crore have been released for the reimbursement of fees and Rs. 35 crore for scholarships. Govt. had allocated Rs. 50 crore for scholarships but only Rs. 35 crore have been credited into the accounts of the students.

Govt. had released Rs. 12.5 crore for payment of overseas scholarships. The Dept. released Rs. 11.5 crore to District Minorities Welfare Officers for paying this amount and the last date for payment of first installment is fixed as 10th November which was later extended to 10th December. It is reported that the first installment of Rs. 5 lakh has not yet been paid to the students. The officials of the Dept. are delaying in making payments to the students by imposing new conditions.

As per the statistics available, so far, 55 students have been given the first installment of scholarships which includes 16 students from Hyderabad and 10 students from RR Districts. In Hyderabad, 137 students have been sanctioned this scholarship but the payment is being delayed. The officers have imposed the conditions of production of Boarding Card, details of Airfare, Admission Card and the details of fees which were not the original conditions. It is reported that out of 210 students, 99 students have already submitted the required documents. The scrutiny of the documents of the remaining students is yet to be done.

–Siasat News