Increase longevity of shoes with simple hacks

New Delhi: Having trouble cleaning your suede shoes? Just rubbing a stale crust of bread and tea bags can help in removing any unpleasant smell from your footwear, says an expert.

Joji Sugeno, head designer, Carlton London from Japan, has shared some hacks to maintain shoes:

* Rub a stale crust of bread on dirty suede to clean it.

* Use nail polish remover to clean your white sole shoe.

* To break in new heels, use a blow dryer and socks.

* One can also use nail polish remover to get scuff marks off patent leather.

* Put dry tea bags to absorb the unpleasant odour from your smelly shoes.

* Use a cotton swab and petroleum jelly to fix scuff marks on patent leather.

* To get water stains off leather shoes use vinegar and a toothbrush.