Increase in atrocities on Muslims deplored: Roshan Baig appeals to Muslim leaders to get united

Bengaluru: Urban Development Minister of Karnataka, Mr. R. Roshan Baig told that ever since Modi Govt. assumed power in the Center, atrocities on Muslims are on the increase. In order to check the communalism of RSS, it is essential for the Muslim scholars and leaders to get united. He was addressing a gathering at Hameed Shah Urdu Hall, at Bengaluru yesterday. The consultative was convened by Mr. K. Rehman Khan, former Dy. Speaker of Rajya Sabha. He further told the if the Muslims do not get united now, no one would be able to the communal elements. He mentioned that RSS was a very limited organization at the time of independence but after Modi assume power, 50000 branches of RSS have been setup in every nook and corner of Karnataka. He also told that after demolition of Babri masjid, Mohammed Akhlaq was muder in Dadri under the pretext of keeping beef. A campaign is being organized in West Bengal also to spread communalism.

In such a situation, it is imperative for the Muslims to set-aside their sectarian differences and to get united. He advised the Muslims to make use of social media in order to nullify the propaganda against them.

–Siasat News