Income Tax Dept. concentrates on Old City, prepares list of rich men

Hyderabad: Soon after the disclosure of highest amount of black money, income tax Dept. is concentrating on Old City. The Dept. is preparing the list of highest income tax payers. A review is being made on land dealing an high-rise buildings. Real Estate traders who enjoy political support are under the scanner of Income Tax Dept. In addition to High-rise buildings, the residents of Old City are purchasing cars worth 80-90 lakh. There are a few businessmen who are indulging in Benami Transactions. Income Tax Dept. is gathering information and collecting documentary evidences. Income of the owners of some educational institutions and marriage halls is also being gathered. Details about the persons who book these marriage halls are also being collected.

Income tax officials are wonderstruck that high-rise buildings are being constructed in areas where nobody could think of such constructions.

–Siasat News