Incidents like JNU unrest hamper tourism sector:Mahesh Sharma

New Delhi : Minister of State for Tourism Mahesh Sharma on Saturday admitted that incidents like the recent Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) controversy do affect the tourism industry.

Sharma, however, said that everybody must join hands for the foundation of a strong nation.

“I agree with your views that the country’s image gets tarnished because of such (JNU) incidents. We must all work together for the formation of a strong nation. And the tourism industry definitely suffers because of such incidents,” he told the media here.

JNU students union president Kanhaiya Kumar, who was arrested on charges of sedition, told the media yesterday that nationalism cannot be anyone’s ‘patented’ idea while stating that he has full faith in the Indian Constitution as it was a document which can’t be ‘doctored’.

Talking about Afzal Guru, he clearly stated that the Parliament attack convict was not his hero and it was Hyderabad University scholar Rohith Vemula.

“Afzal Guru was a citizen of this nation, he was from Jammu and Kashmir and the law punished him. He is not an icon for me, Rohith Vemula is. There will a Rohith Vemula in every house,” Kanhaiya said.

Earlier, the government had warned Kanhaiya after his release that he must help the concerned authorities to see that activities similar to the February 9 event are curbed in the university rather than enjoying the publicity. (ANI)