Incidents of blasphemy against Prophet take place before elections, stern action needed

Hyderabad: Muslims can tolerate any kind of atrocities but cannot accept any blasphemous remarks against Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

Nowadays, it has become a common practice to criticize Islam and irritate the Muslims by posting blasphemous contents on social media for gaining cheap popularity.

It is not the first time that Sonu Dangar posted blasphemous video against Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) but earlier too such incidents took place to tarnish the image of Islam. Kamlesh Tiwari had also posted objectionable contents on social media.

It is understood that persons who post such contents work as the outfits of communal organizations. They not only get support from these organizations but also enjoy benefits.

In the name of threats to life, these persons get police protection after their bail petitions get accepted.

It may be noted that such incidents of blasphemy against Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) take place before elections to incite communal tension to gain political mileage.

Stern action needs to be taken against such persons.

–Siasat News