Imran won’t let you down, has done what we could not in 73 years: Sidhu

Punjab minister Navjot Singh Sidhu in his speech at the ceremony for the Kartarpur corridor praised Pakistan PM Imran Khan. “Both the governments deserve credit as it takes two to tango. But Imran Sahib has shown that he is not the type of man who will let you down. He has done what we could not achieve in 73 years,” said Sidhu.

He stated that a lot of damage had already been done to India-Pakistan relations and that the Kartarpur resolution had opened up many possibilities. He said “I come from a country where the mind is without fear and the head is held high. Imran Khan yaari nibhata hai.”

When Pakistan’s PM later spoke about the possibility of opening borders in South Asia to improve trade and to deal with the issue of poverty in the region, Sidhu responded eagerly. Mr Khan said that it was business and trade that had brought countries like Germany and France together.

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In a tongue-in-cheek comment, Imran Khan said: “I heard there was a lot of criticism of Sidhu when he went back after my oath-taking ceremony. I don’t know why was he criticised. He was just talking about peace and brotherhood. He then on a lighter note said that the Punjab minister’s popularity in Pakistan was such that he could win any election in the country.

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