Imran Khan’s Wife Under Fire Over ‘Fake Degree’

Islamabad: Reham Khan, the wife of Pakistani politician and former cricketer Imran Khan, today came under fire after a British newspaper said that her degree in broadcast journalism was fake.

Reham’s degree in Broadcast Journalism which she said was from North Lindsey College was fake as the college never offered this course nor a student of her name was ever registered with it, the Express Tribune quoted the daily as saying.

“Reham Khan has not been truthful about her qualification,” Daily Mail was quoted as saying by thenewspaper.

Daily Mail is the same paper which broke the news of her marriage with Imran Khan at the start of the year.

Reham went ballistic as the local TV channels picked the news.

“This morning is a great example of why I have never picked up the Daily Mail and why I don’t watch Pakistani TV channels,” Reham tweeted.

But, later she had to issues clarifications and change the profile on her website where she initially claimed earning the degree in Broadcast Journalism from North Lindsey College.

In a clear volte-face, Reham said she never claimed to have a “degree in broadcast journalism” but she did a “diploma in broadcast media” from the Grimsby Institute Media Centre.

She also termed the story of Daily Mail as “malicious and baseless” which according to her was planted by her opponents.

Her husband has not so far spoken about the matter but several Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) leaders rejected the story and said it was aimed at maligning the party.