Imran Khan’s ex-wife is on twitter fight with Zaid Ali

Reham and Imran’s marriage fell apart after 10 months in 2015 with Reham later accusing Khan of being bisexual, taking hard drugs and adultery in her recent book. While Imran Khan is set to become Pakistan Prime Minister, his ex-wife Reham is not missing out on any chance to slam her ex-husband, be it on Twitter or be it with her statements to various media.

She has now got involved in a Twitter fight with a YouTuber and Pakistani-Canadian comedian Zaid Ali. Zaid Ali took to Twitter took a dig at Imran Khan’s ex-wife Reham, saying, “The only dua that I make before going to sleep is that I never end up with an ex like Reham Khan.”

Reham responded to Zaid’s tweet by saying, “My sincere dua is that you never have to live with a drug abuser & a cheat. I did & covered up until I found out he was cheating those who had voted him. Pakistan comes first.”

Zaid then responded, saying, “You claim that Imran Khan takes drugs.. but it seems like un drugs ka asar ap pe ho raha hai.”