Imran Khan’s ex-wife Reham tried to poison him?

Islamabad: This is not a short news but biggest and one of the most shocking revelation about cricketer turn politician Imran khan’s second wife Reham khan who tried poisoned Imran.

The PTI chairman and TV journalist Reham Khan announced their separation on October 30 after ten month of marriage. However details of the two parting ways yet to know but journalist Arif Nizami’s revelation about the attempted poisoning citing intelligence sources has been among the most dramatic.

“Intelligence agencies conveyed to Imran through his close friends that Reham’s intentions were not right. It was feared she could poison Imran to grab his party’s reigns,” Nizami told Pakistan’s News 24 channel.

It was Nizami who had first broken the news of their marriage in 2014 as well as the couple’s divorce the last month.
Their relationship soured when an ambitious Reham wanted to get involved with politics and Khan objected to that.

The couple had bitterly fights two days prior to their divorce and the decision to put an end to the marriage was not mutual. Imran emailed her the divorce notice when she was in London.

Traces of rat poison were found in Imran’s body when he fell ill and was admitted to a hospital after eating a laddoo.

According to a report published in TOI, another journalist Shahid Masood said a “non-political personality” and an ex-officer of “an institution” involved in surveillance had asked Imran not to marry Reham. “He contacted Reham as well and told her Imran is a popular leader whom she should stay away from,” he said.

“Her relation with Imran was based on lies and fraud. She kept Imran in the dark about her past life and falsely claimed her ex-husband use to beat her,” said Nizami.

Ghulam Hussain has also revealed about Reham’s character of being a cruel lady who used to scold and also beat her previous husband and she also tried to do the same with Imran Khan.