Imran Khan stands by Turkey in times of economic turmoil

Imran Khan stands by Turkey in times of economic turmoil

Islamabad: Pakistan Prime minister-in-waiting Imran Khan on Tuesday extended support to Turkey, which is caught-up in a dispute with the United States of America (USA).

Khan took to Twitter and wrote, “On behalf of the people of Pakistan and myself, I want to let President Erdogan and the people of Turkey know we are praying for their success in dealing with the severe economic challenges confronting them, as they have always succeeded against adversities in their glorious history.”

According to the Dawn, the Pakistan Foreign Office had announced its support to Turkey while insisting on a conversation with the US to maintain peace and stability between the two nations.

The economic crisis in Turkey triggered as it got into a tiff with the United States for detaining a US pastor Andrew Brunson with the charges of espionage and connection with terror groups.

The US in return put sanctions on Turkey as US President Donald Trump announced an increase in tariffs on Aluminum and Steel with respect to Turkey in a tweet last week.

The economy of the country was in turmoil as Turkish currency lira witnessed a 20 percent decline in the last month. (ANI)