Imran Khan slams those targeting Navjot Singh

Pakistan’s newly elected Prime Minister Imran Khan thanked his friend and Indian politician Navjot Singh Sidhu for attending his swearing-in ceremony, and said that those in India targeting Navjot Singh Sidhu for coming to Pakistan are doing “a great disservice to peace in the subcontinent”.

Navjot Singh Sidhu is facing criticism in India for his visit to Pakistan for the oath-taking ceremony of Imran Khan. He was among the two other Indian cricketers who were invited by Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan for his swearing-in ceremony.

“I want to thank Sidhu for coming to Pakistan for my oath taking. He was an ambassador of peace and was given amazing love and affection by people of Pakistan. Those in India who targeted him are doing a great disservice to peace in the subcontinent – without peace, our people can’t progress.” Said Imran Khan.