Imran Khan is the 5th cricketer to become Prime Minister

Internationally there are 5 such cricketers who at first played cricket then later became Prime Ministers of their respective countries. Recently former Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan assumed his office as the 22nd elected Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Nawaz Shareef has been the Prime Minister of Pakistan for 3 times. He was a competent club cricketer and played one first-class match.

Sir Alec Douglas became Prime Minister of UK in 1963. He played first-class cricket. He played for Middlesex and Oxford University. He appeared in 10 first-class matches.

Sir Francis Henry Dillon Bell became Prime Minister of New Zealand in 1925. He also played two first-class cricket matches for Wellington in 1870s before becoming an acting prime minister after the death of Prime Minister William Massey.

Kamisese Mara became the first Prime minister of Fiji after gained its independence from the United Kingdom. He played two first-class matches for Fiji against Otago and Canterbury in Fiji’s 1953/54 tour of New Zealand.