Improve digestion before festive season

New Delhi: while we are busy celebrating festivals, our bodies work overtime to digest the heavy festive food. They might be delicious, but they put pressure on our liver and digestive system. Control your diet from now on to enjoy the festivities.

Dolly Kumar, director, GAIA, suggests how to strengthen our liver and digestive system before the upcoming festive season:

* Reduce caffeine intake: Too much caffeine intake (more than two cups a day) slows down the detoxification process of the liver, slowing down digestion. Switch to green tea that contains little caffeine.

* Cut down on sugar: High amounts of sugar put pressure on your liver to convert the fructose in it to fat in the blood. Add natural sweeteners such as honey to reduce toxin build-up in the liver and boost digestion.

* Curb intake of dairy products: High consumption of dairy products (barring yoghurt) builds mucus in the liver and results in increased build up of toxins and slower digestion. Use plant-based protein sources such as lentils that are easier to digest to meet your daily protein needs.

* Increase fibre intake: Fibre cleanses the digestive system and puts less pressure on the liver to digest food. Add some oats to your diet that have high fibre and protein content.

* Switch to lighter oils: Heavier oils such as sesame seed oil and vegetable oil put a lot of pressure on the liver. Switch to oils like flaxseed and olive that are easier to break down and absorb by the body.