Improve common man’s standard of living: Arvind Subramanian

New Delhi: Days after the Indian economy was placed sixth based on GDP numbers by the World Bank, outgoing Chief Economic Adviser Arvind Subramanian on Thursday said the Centre’s current priority should be to enhance the standard of living of common man.

“These rankings (World Bank data) have a lot to do with sizes of the economy. The Centre’s aim should be to improve the standard of living of common man, such that it becomes the best in the world,” Subramanian told ANI.

When asked about the current outlook of the economy, Subramanian said the government should continue to implement more reforms.

“The government should make sure that the economy is stable. More reforms should be implemented, as these can help improve the situation of growth and employment. There are external pressures stemming out of crude oil prices and trade war. However, the economy is recovering,” he said.

Subramanian, who served as the Chief Economic Adviser since October 2014, stepped down on June 20, to return to the United States on account of family commitments.

He will be returning to the States to teach at Harvard University.(ANI)